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pain mannagment


knee pain guidence by b2lcare physiotherapy at kolkata

Pain Management Physiotherapy in Kolkata

Treat  your pain by modern Physiotherapy treatment.

Welcome to B2LCARE.COM
Pain Management Unit

About B2LCARE Pain Manager 

Physiotherapist play an important role in the management of acute and chronic pain. After an assessment by our specialist pain management team ,we will make treatment plan together with you to reduce pain and address the root of the symptoms to prevent re occurrence.

physiotherapy treatment to reduce your pain may include Electrotherapy, Joint mobilisation,Postural corrective exercises , Muscle strengthening and stretching ,Dry needling  and manipulation therapy,Postural awareness and advise on how to overcome pain in your daily activity. B2LCARE physiotherapy team will also help to make you understand cause of your pain.

Through our years of experience and evidence-based practice we believe  that a combination mannual treatment and muscle re-education is the most effective treatment .

Modern Physiotherapy  treatment B2LCARE used for Pain Managment

  • ELectrotherapy.
  • Mannual Therapy.
  • Dry Needling.
  • Joint Mobilisation.
  • Kinesiology tapping.
  • Muscle Energy Technique.

Our Treatment Meathod:

B2LCARE physiotherapist will choose treatment modalities according to your needs and goals. After initial assessment we find out  your problems and underline causes of it . After assessment, B2Lcare will design a treatment protocol to reduce your pain and to protect it from -Re occurrence .


Our Physiotherapist and osteopaths are highly trained in mannual therapy .Physiotherapy are also highly skilled in treatment approaches such as exercise rehabilitation , Bio-Mechanical postural correction, Gait training and other modalities such as Tapping ,Ultrasound and electrotherapy.

During your session B2LCARE team will listen to your problems and issues , Explain  to you the diagnosis and what is right or wrong and give you advise accordingly.We encourage you to provide us with a feed back to maximize result.

What we treat:

  • Low Back Pain. 

  • Knne Pain.

  • Fibromyelgic Pain.

  • Tennis Elbow.

  • Neck pain.

  • Gofer's Elbow

  • Heel Pain.

  • Planter Fasciitis.

  • Shoulder pain.

  • Neurogenic Pain

  • Trigger Finger

Dry Needling physiotherapy treatment -B2LCARE Pain Management _
kinesiologytape by B2LCARE physiotherapy team in kolkata
B2LCARE phytsiotherapy team in a recovery camp
Low Back Pain

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