Choose Specialised NeuroPhysiotherapy for Neurological condition.

Care and treatment of first three months for a Stroke Patient or Neurological Disorder Patient is very much important because after 6 months the improvement or functional outcome of a Stroke Patient depend on the previous 3 months treatment. A neuro physiotherapist is able to find out the causes of paralysis or causes behind the inability to do the functional activities. Only loss of muscle power is not the cause of disability. Along with less muscle power sensory impairment, disturbed Cognitive function , Propioception impairment and Abnormal Brain signal could be a cause for paralysis. Only a Neuro-Physiotherapist having MPT degree in Neurological Disorder will be able to asses all these problems. Most of the time after the long Physiotherapy treatment from a non- physiotherapist may lead to further problem to a Stroke Patient who develops an abnormal pattern of non functional movement and this abnormal movement will cause more disability for a patient.A specialist Neuro Physiotherapist will asses and provide proper treatment for these abnormal pattern of movements and it will help Patient to become more functional. For get details please don't hesitate to call us at +91-9903713330 or drop us a line at


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