What is pain? Pain is an unpleasant sensory and emotional experience associated with actual or potential tissue damage, or described in terms of such damage. IASP, 1994 Pain cause: suffering, disabling, distracting Definition of pain Physiotherapist is an individual who is trained, certified and registered as physiotherapist , responsible to analyze and make physiotherapist diagnosis , carry out physiotherapy treatment for prevention of pain or injury , habilitate or rehabilitate any form of physical condition and disabilities in order to facilitate or restore optimum movement and functional abilities as well as to promote physical health for patients and public . PHYSIOTHERAPY SERVICE IN PRIMARY HEALTHCARE Consist of 1. Preventive 2. Curative 3. Pro motive 4. Rehabilitative. PHYSIOTHERAPY ROLE IN PAIN MANAGEMENT Assisting patients to diminish pain. Improving quality of life. Preventing acute & sub acute painful conditions from developing into chronic pain Assisting patients to live with chronic pain PHYSIOTHERAPY TREATMENT APPROACH Detail and careful history taking>>>thorough physical examination>>> >>>Sound clinical reasoning>>>Selection of suitable treatment based on patients need. SPECIAL TREATMENT CONSIDERATION 1. Consider the safety of the patient and care taker by providing education and training on the safe movement and ways of handling patient. 2. Each exercise program is tailored based on individual need and does not exacerbate the pain. 3. Prepare a proper home exercise program or discharge care plan to prevent recurrent pain. EXAMPLES OF PHYSIOTHERAPY INTERVENTIONS 1. Electrotherapy (IFT,SWD ,TENS,IONTOPHORESIS,UST) 2. General exercise 3. Special exercise 4. Manual therapy. 5. Manipulation 6. Positioning. 7. Patient education 8.Relaxation


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