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Orthopedic physiotherapy session


ORTHOPEDIC Physiotherapy is the branch of physiotherapy concerned with the treatment of injuries or disorders of the skeletal system and associated muscles, joints and ligaments.

Orthopaedic Physiotherapy also includes pre and post operative rehabilitation of hip, shoulder and knee. Orthopaedic Physiotherapy is a scientific approach to treatment following Evidence Based Guidelines.


Initially B2LCARE'S physiotherapist will carry out a clinical assessment and according to the clinical assessment a doctor-advised physiotherapist, will make  appropriate treatments plans.

B2LCARE'S physiotherapist treatment goal for the orthopaedic patient is to provide pain relief, increase joint range, improve strength and flexibility and restore the patient to full function and we belief it is important to get to the source of the problem and prevent a re-occurrence.  
Orthopaedic Conditions treated by us at the B2LCARE include:

•   Ligament Strain, Sprain or tear
•    Fracture Rehabilitation
•    Inflammation of tendons or Bursa
•    Osteo -Arthritis
•    Rheumatoid - Arthritis
•    Osteoporosis
•    Anklyosing Spondylitis
•    Scoliosis
•    Spondylolisthesis
•    Spondylolysis
•    Surgical Rehabilitation of Hip,Shoulder,Knee and Foot/Ankle

Pre-operative physiotherapy can help to strengthen a patient physically and cardiovasculary. In the case of a joint physiotherapy can help maintain and improve range of movement prior to surgery and educate the client on their post operative rehabilitation. This will facilitate the client to recover from surgery at a faster rate. Following orthopaedic surgery our team of physiotherapists will liaise closely with your surgeon to follow the recommended clinical protocol.

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