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I believed to the best of my knowledge that this organisations doing a commendable job under the guidance of MPT  qualified physiotherapist team.The Member of the organisation are giving dedicated professionals service to the patient needing physiotherapy


Dr. Saikat Sarkar

MBBS(HONS ,Gold Medalist)

MS (Ortho) Gold medalist)


Orthopaedics and Spine Surgeon



B2LCARE has treated lots of patient's successfully .I believed to the best of my knowledge that B2LCARE formed by qualified physiotherapist team and their skill of physiotherapy treatment will give immense benefit to patients.


Dr. S. Chowdhury


Nero science & Medicine 



This is certify that B2LCARE a physiotherapy organisation is doing an excellent job

in the field of physiotherapy under the guidance of MASTER DEGREE qualified physiotherapist  team.I wish  them all success.


Dr. Saurabh Shankar Kundu


Consultant Neuro Psychiatrist



The B2LCARE  organisation is doing incredible job under guidance of qualified physiotherapist.All physiotherapist are giving dedicate professional services.

i wish them all success in life

Dr. S S Majumdar


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