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B2LCARE.COM-Team of top physiotherapist in kolkata .

Team work is great work. B2LCARE.COM is a group of top & Dedicated physiotherapist in kolkata.We always work as a team to give patient maximum benefit.

We undergo various of training to make us updated about advanced physiotherapy treatment procedure .

Neuro Physiotherapy after Brain STROKE || B2LCARE.COM-Physiotherapy unit in Kolkata ||

Neuro Physiotherapy after Brain STROKE || B2LCARE.COM-Physiotherapy unit in Kolkata ||

HOW CAN A B2LCARE'S NEUROLOGICAL PHYSIOTHERAPIST ASSIST YOU? A Neurological Physiotherapist specialised in the re-education of key functions including walking, standing and use of the hands and arms for every day tasks. B2LCARE'S Physiotherapists are also able to assist individuals wishing to progress to work related tasks, sporting and recreational interests including running retraining. Neurological Physiotherapy techniques include exercise prescription, hands on therapies as well as the skilled use of electrical stimulation, splinting and casting. Neurological physiotherapists work closely with medical specialists such as Rehabilitation Physicians and Neurologists in the use of specialised medical procedures such as Botulinum Toxin A. Many people with Neurological conditions experience significant disability and require high levels of care. Neurological physiotherapists have experience in teaching and training careers as well as providing advice and prescription for specialised equipment for mobility, activities of daily living and recreation. ​ In few neurological cases patient development get stopped due to the depression ,frustration and less motivation.Our neuro physiotherapist always remain aware about their psychological status and always keep them motivating by carrying out counselling session. Our Website Facebook Page: For Booking call us:+91-8334833306 ​
Neuro Physiotherapy for Parkinsonisim || B2LCARE.COM neuro physiotheraapy in kolkata