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Expertise Physiotherapy Team in Kolkata

About B2LCARE Physiotherapy

Specialised Physiotherdrapist Team in Kolkata

What is B2LCARE.COM -Expertise physiotherapy team in kolkata?


B2LCARE multispeciality Physiotherapy team work together to give you most advanced and effective physiotherapy treatment to speed up your recovery .

All of our physiotherapists are  qualified and have many years of clinical experience including specialization in areas such as professional

Neurological Rehabilitation,

Orthopedic physiotherapy,

Post operative Physiotherapy e.t.c.


B2LCARE  physiotherapists are committed to evaluating current research and developments within health care so that our patients receive the most adv

anced treatment.

B2LCARE believe that accurate diagnosis leads to effective patient management and optimal recovery times. 


Why proper physiotherapy?

After primary allopathic treatment or in post surgical condition,physiotherapy will be the only option to maximize the quality of life and potential to live each day with maximum flexibility and pain free.


How B2LCARE work?

  • Proper assessment

  • Selecting outcome goals as per your need with age and condition.

  • Making quality analysis and necessary accumulative treatment

  • As per requirement we will refer you to our team doctors or with your house physician

Nreuro Physiotheraapist Dr Suvradeep Ganguly
Nreuro Physiotheraapist Dr Suvradeep Ganguly

From Founder:

Myself Dr Suvradeep Ganguly did BPT from Ramaiah Medical Collage in the year of 2009 and followed by I did MPT(neurology and Psychosomatic Disorder Specialist) in the year of 2015 from Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Health Science.

To make my knowledge more stronger I did FINR(Fellowship in Neurological Condition ) from MEDVERSITY and Basic management on Cerebral Palsy (BMCP) from Indian Institute of Cerebral Palsy.

Later on the year of 2019  I completed Certificate course  in COGNITIVE BEHAVIROUL THERAPY(CBT) and Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) for better understanding mental health condition of a Neuro Patient.

As a Neuro Physiotherapist my moto is to make a patient functional or providing him/her a new normal life. To achieved this I always follow an holistic approach for patient. In holistic approach we not only asses patient physical condition but also his mental strength, Family support, economical condition and also his daily requirement for living his/her daily life.

Me and my team always try keep ourself update regarding advanced neurological therapy.

Oure moto to normalize the patient and patient family members life by upgrading patient condition and bring him back to as much possible to normal life.

Treatment Goals of B2LCARE Physiotherapist

Restoring movement and Function.

Reduce risk of injury.

Restoring movement and Function.

Improves mobility and strength.

Enable patient to regain possible normal life.

Education to patient and their family.

Enabling patient in thheir own care

Improving recreational and household activities.

Prevention from reoccurance injury

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