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Our Mission:

Our mission is to Break your Fever.

Don't neglect Fever in this pandemic.

In this hard time B2L CARE brings online fever clinic to ease your life.
Our mission is to make the medical service easily available to each and everyone in this crisis.

Fever is not only caused by influenza ,cough and cold ,but now it is terrifying due to covid-19

Along with online Doctor consultations ,our nursing stuff or paramedical staff will keep in with you round a clock to assess your fever prognosis 

 We are  providing services like  blood test at home and medicine supply at the possible cheapest rate

.In requirement we will assist you to make arrangement for COVID-19 test or hospitalization 

.Get health care services without visiting at any clinic or hospital to keep a check on fever from the beginning.

.Medical services and treatment should not cause any hindrance to fight against Covid-19

No need to step outside your home to get proper health care services to win against this fight.

How we provide treatment

How we provide treatment?

  • If your online provider determines that you have a viral infection such as the flu, care at home will often be recommended. If any complications arise, like signs of possible pneumonia, then your online healthcare provider will refer you to in-person care.

  • If the provider suspects you may be infected with COVID-19, they will follow CDC guideline to determine if testing is needed. They may also provide instructions to isolate yourself from other.


How we screen for the COVID-19 and other viral infections?

  B2LCARE Online healthcare providers look for symptoms such as fever, cough, and shortness of breath. Our 24/7 online care team can evaluate your illness, identify if you are at risk, help manage your symptoms any recommend next steps.


How we can help you?

   A virtual visit is a great option if you're worried about infections because it allows you to seek me fever medical attention from your home and limit the spread of disease. B2LCARE recommends that patients call their doctor’s office or emergency room before going to any facility to make sure they are getting the right care.

Get Care Now From the Comfort of Your Home... No Appointment Needed






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Smiling Doctor

Online Doctor Consultency 

Choose General Physician or Criticalcare Physician .

Starting  INR 1000/- for 3 consultancy


Tele-Nursing Check up

Round a clock Tele Nursing service include recording disease progression and sharing it to doctor.

Sorting Medicine

Online Medicine

Get  medicine prescribe by doctor with minimum 5%  discount.


Blood Test at Home

Get minimum 15% discount in all blood test.

Online reporting and directly share to doctor.


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