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Multi-Speciality Physiotherapy team in Kolkata

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B2lcare physiotherapy team at kolkata martahone recovery camp

Kolkata's Exclusive Qualified Physiotherapy Team
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Best Physiotherapy in Kolkata

Physiotherapy is a health care profession concerned with human function,  movement aiming maximizing physical potential.

B2LCARE.COM is one of the largest and most respected physiotherapy companies in Kolkata. 

We NEVER over treat but will ensure that we rebuild your health and fitness.

We offer an unrivaled level of professionalism and expertise, and will deal with each case on a personal basis to ensure every patient gets the treatment they need, all in a relaxed and friendly environment.

We do provide treatments in science-based  ,committed to extending , applying, evaluating and reviewing the evidence that underpins and informs its practice and delivery. physiotherapist do specializes in specific clinical areas

(eg. Neurology , Otho / MSK , Sports Medicine ,Lungs Physiotherapy , Geriatric Physiotherapy).

Best Specialist Physiotherapist near you

Physiotherapy Specialist:

We are proud to offer you a wide range of physiotherapy services at your Home and Clinic .Our team of professional therapists specialize in providing Neuro Rehabilitation ,Women Care ,Pain Management  and other Rehabilitation services across Kolkata.



B2lcare neuro physiotherapy at home in kolkata

Neurological Physiotherapy specialists are trained for ensuring treatments of patients suffering with disorders of movement, posture and function that arise from impairments of the body’s nervous and neuromuscular systems. These conditions often manifest themselves in loss of mobility function and muscle weakness, poor coordination, sensation loss, uncontrolled muscle activity such as spasticity and tremors, and loss of balance, or orientation.

Orthopedic Physiotherapy

frozen shoulder_b2lcare

ORTHOPEDIC Physiotherapy is the branch of physiotherapy which concerns with the treatment of injuries or disorders of the skeletal system and associated muscles, joints and ligaments.

Orthopedic Physiotherapy also includes pre and post operative rehabilitation of hip, shoulder and knee. Orthopedic Physiotherapy is a scientific approach towards providing treatments alongwith  following Evidence Based Guidelines.




cardio thoracic physiotherapy b2lcare

Cardio thoracic physiotherapy is used to help patients with condition of the heart,lungs,oesophagus,and other condition in chest to manage and resolve their condition.Chest physiotherapy is quite effective and mandatory for patient having pneumonia ,COPD and other lung  diseases.

As per study report  chest physiotherapy is quite effective for ICU and ICU returned patients.   

Pain Management 


Low back pain physiotherapy treatment

Physiotherapy is one of the vital aspects of pain management for a wide range of conditions.In modern time wide range of physiotherapy treatment is available to make you pain free, permanently.

B2LCARE'S pain management physiotherapist are certified in various pain management intervention (eg.Dry Needling,Kinesiology Taping ,Soft tissue mobilization)

Post operative Physiotherapy


Post operative physiotherapy is the key to patient's recovery after surgery. Surgery Rehabilitation is vital to restoring body strength,motility,and full joint movement & functionally.

Our post operative physiotherapist are well experienced  to manage surgical cases and qualified about various post surgical rehabilitation protocols. 

Gynecology Physiotherapy

Lady physiotherapy in Kolkata-Antenatal Physiotherapy

Women’s Health Physiotherapy refers to the treatments and management of any health concerns related to pelvic floor dysfunction, pre and post-natal rehabilitation, continence, pelvic pain and pre and post-menopausal changes.



Dr Ganguly with stroke survivor.jpeg

Geriatric physical therapy is a proven means for adults from every level of physical ability to improve their balance and strength, build their confidence, remain active and most importantly keep them independent.

All Electrotherapy Modalities

Physiotherapy-Electrotherapy by b2lcare physiotherapist

Electrotherapy is one part of physical therapy.Electrotherapy generally use to slow down active pain  and also use to increase muscle strength and endurance.

B2lcare provides all formats of electrotherapy like. 1. UST 2. SWD  3. IFT 4.MUSCLE SIMULATOR

5. LASSER at your home

Kineysilogy Tapping and dry Needling

Dry Needling physiotherapy treatment -B2LCARE.COM Pain Management _

Kinesiology tapping and dry needling is most advanced treatment in physiotherapy field .In our first life most of people and athletics use these two advanced treatments for their  pain management.

Nursing Service at home

B2lcare nurses doing home services

B2LCARE along with physiotherapy services provides you a total home care services.Get trained, well mannered, and friendly nurses and care taker for your loved ones .As a nursing service is a spine of health care so we send the most grooming and educated nurses at your home 

Physiotherapy Team B2LCARE.COM


What is B2LCARE?

B2LCARE multispeciality Physiotherapy team work together to give you the most, advanced and effective physiotherapy treatments to speed up your recovery .

All of our physiotherapists are  qualified and have many years of clinical experiences, including specialization in areas such as professional

Neurological Rehabilitation,

Orthopedic physiotherapy,

Post operative Physiotherapy e.t.c.


B2LCARE  physiotherapists are committed to evaluating current research and developments within health care so that our patients receive the most adv

anced treatment.

B2LCARE believes that accurate diagnosis leads to effective patient management and optimal recovery times. 


Why proper physiotherapy?

After primary allopathic treatment or in post surgical condition,physiotherapy will be the only option to maximize the quality of life and potential to live each day with maximum flexibility and pain free.


How B2LCARE work?

  • Proper assessment

  • Selecting outcome goals as per your need with age and condition.

  • Making quality analysis and necessary accumulative treatment

  • As per requirement we will refer you to our team doctors or with your house physician

      We work as a team

All MPT holder senior physiotherapists and junior physiotherapists work together for your quick recovery

We are Highly Digitalized

With digital assessment and reassessment format ,we enable to share your progress record quickly to you, your Doctor and in our team

We are hungry for upgrading our knowledge.Ensure you to provide the most advanced physiotherapy treatment

B2LCARE.COM-Advanced Physioitherapy team in Kolkata

3 Rules Make us different and Reliable

Contact Us

1/ After you submit contact form.Our physiotherapist executive will call you back

2/He will ask you some background questions about your injury  and your convenient appointment time

3/Next we will choose a right specialized physiotherapist match with your requirements.


CARE@B2LCARE.COM ; +91-8334833306

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Patient Credential


Dr suvradeep sir is one of the best neuro physiotherapist you will ever find in eastern India. you can blindly trust him.

 everyone in my family is happy and completly satisfied with Dr suvradeep sir and B2L care service.


Dr. S Ganguly and Mr. Hasanur Zaman both of them are very good at there work. they apply new technique and process for fast recovery of a stroke patients. my father got very good treatment under there observations. we are very much satisfied about the care and dedication they show for a neuro patients.


Excellent team of physiotherapists and they helped my father to get to overcome the gait freezing difficulty, he was facing because of perkinsionism .I would certainly recommend them to people who is looking forward to home physiotherapy services in kolkata.

Image by Robina Weermeijer

1. Stroke

2.Parkinson Disease

3.Spinal Cord Injury

4.Multiple Sclerosis

5. G B Syndrome


7.Cerebral palsy

8.Balance Problem


1.Low Back Pain

2.Osteo Arthritis

3.Frozen Shoulder




7.Muscle Sprain

8.Ligament Injury

9.Sports Injury

10.TKR Rehabilitation

11.THR Rehabilitation



cardio thoracic physiotherapy b2lcare



3.Cardiac Rehabilitation

4.Coughing Training

5.Tracheotomy Management

download (2).jpg
Women's Health

1.Pelvic Floor Dysfunction

2.Post Natal Care

3.Pelvic Pain

4.Post menopausal Exercise.

geriatric physiotherapy.jpg

1. Rheumatoid Arthritis

2 Cancer 

3.Burn Rehabilitation

4. Ankylosing 


Diseases We Treat

Back to Life Health Care at Home Services

Patient and Nurse

Home Nursing Services

B2L Care nursing services provide hygenic; high quality & trained nurses at affordable price at your door step. For details call now.


Stay connected by  staying away. Our aim is to build connection in between you and doctors through Tele- video sessions.Select 

the specialized doctor according to your needs (eg. medicine; Orthopedic; Gynecologist)

Blood Test


Get your Blood test  at the  comfort of your home. Get 15% discount in every blood test 



In this hard time B2LCARE brings online fever clinic  to ease your  life.Our mission is to make the medical services easily available

to each and everyone in this crisis 

Musli Mix

Online Dietitian Consultation

Stay Home Stay Fit. 
Our expert dietitian will guide you effectively to maintain proper and healthy diet in your daily lifestyle.Get healthy diet plan sitting at home and enjoy a wonderful life ahead

Meet B2LCARE'S Physiotherapy  Team

Best neuro Physiotherapist in Kolkata  D

Suvradeep Ganguly

BPT,MPT(Neurology and Pyschosomatic disorder)

FINR (Apollo Grp); BMCP (IICP) CBT & NLP 

Consultant Neuro Physiotherapist & Rehabilitation Psychologist.


Souvanik Mandal 

BPT,MPT (Neuro Rehabilitation)

Musculo Skeletal Rehabilitation, 

Specialized in MET & Dry needling

Consultant Pain Management Physiotherapist 

WhatsApp Image 2020-08-02 at

Gayatri Datta


Special interested Gynecological Physiotherapy 

Meet The B2LCARE'S Doctor's Team


Dr. Samar Chowdhury

MBBS, MD - Medicine, PhD - Neurology Neurologist 


Dr. Pratik Kr. Mitra


Critical care Physician

WhatsApp Image 2020-08-02 at

Dr.Saikat Sarkar

MBBS, MS (Ortho), MRCS (Glasgow), DNB (Ortho)

Consultant - Spine Surgery