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B2LCARE.COM-Top Physiotherapist Near me 

A Physiotherapy team with New think and New Treatment

Female Physiotherapy team in Kolkata-B2LCARE.COM
TeB2LCARE.COM -Physiotherapy Team at foundation day

B2LCARE.COM-Physiotherapy Team

Importance of Team Work

Patient safety experts agree that communication and teamwork skills are essential for providing quality health care. When all clinical and nonclinical staff collaborate effectively, health care teams can improve patient outcomes, prevent medical errors, improve efficiency and increase patient satisfaction.

For Effectiveness of patient care team B2LCARE.COM always believe in Team work between various Physiotherapy departments as well to other departments also like (Doctors ,Counselor  , Psychologist and other therapist

Dr Suvradeep Ganguly(PT)-Neuro Physiotherapist

Our Vision

Introducing quality care with raising awareness about effectiveness of broad-spectrum physiotherapy treatment along with introducing various specialization Physiotherapy Department

Dr Suvradeep Ganguly(PT)

MPT(Neurology & Psychosomatic Disorder Specialst) BMCP(IICP) ; FINR(Neuro Rehab) CBT ; NLP Consultant Neuro Physiotherapist Ex-Asst Prof -Swami Vivekananda University

Founder and Director

B2LCARE.COM is one of biggest Physiotheraptrapy Clinics Set up in kolkata

Find our Clinics at Google Loccation

  1. Gariahat

  2. Saltlake

  3. Jadavpur

  4. Paikpara

  5. Madhyamgram

  6. Sodepur

Dr Suvradeep Ganguly-Neuro Physiotherapist

Dr Suvradeep Ganguly

Neuro Physiotherapist

Dr Souvanik Mondal

Dr Souvanik Mondal

Pain Management 


Physiotherapist B2LCARE.COM

Dr Partho Pratim Mukherjee


Female Physiotherapy in  Kolkata__ B2LCARE_edited.jpg

Dr Moumita Bhunia

Gynecologist Physiotherapist

B2LCARE.COM Physiotherapist Moume Halder

Moume Halder


B2LCARE.COM-Top Physiotherapist near you

Bikash Roy


Female Physiotherapist in Kolkata

Suravi Shome


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