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Positive impact on Elderly People With Specialized Health Camp

Updated: Feb 15, 2023

In present modern world, most of the young generations is busy to prove their potential and to make their life more luxurious. But this is also true that their parents also feel proud when they say their son or daughter stay at Dubai ,America or in a 4bhk flat at Mumbai.

So this report is not about pointing fingers to anyone but about to think how these old people will survive with a healthy life without their children.

Here B2LCARE.COM (A unit of Back2Life Rehab Care) came with a solution. It is to take care of elderly people with specialised health camp.

Director of B2LCARE.COM, Ms. Aditi Guha started this project by organizing a health camp with pain management & Mental care at Gold Edge Village, Madhyamgram.

Her mission is to get connected with the elderly citizen for their physical and mental benefit. This will make the team to know the core problems about their health and to bring solution for it as much as possible.

The camp was organised on dated of 11th February 2023 at Gold Edge Village, Madhyamgram.

In this camp Physiotherapy Consultant-Moume Halder , Mental Health Counsellor & Therapist- Aparajita Bhattacharjee and Neuro Rehab- Dr. Suvradeep Ganguly was there to facilitate elder people for a better health.

As per report almost 50 plus elder people participated at this camp with various Neurological and other pain related issues as well as for mental wellness.

Physiotherapist Consultant Moume Halder said that she had been surprise to see the zeal among the elder people. A proper and easy guidance to do exercises and physical activities can make their life more better. She had also added that this elder people are very keen to do physiotherapy treatment to remain physically active.

Mental Health Counsellor & Therapist Aparajita Bhatcheerjee had also added a vital point that all those people are looking very happy from outside, but, most of them have insecure and lonely feeling which may be a cause to aggravate their various physical or neurological problems like Parkinson’s or Dementia.

Along with B2LCARE.COM, Frank Ross had also attended this camp for BMI testing , Eye Check Up etc.

Director and Co-coordinator of Gold Edge Village said that they are also surprised to see the happiness and confidence of all elderly people who attended this camp and they are also waiting for next camp.

Director of B2LCARE.COM and other team members are very happy to participate at this camp and committed to do more camp and make medical treatment easier for elder people.

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