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How to find best physiotherapist services in your town

Finding a good physiotherapist can be a bit like going on a blind date. You never know what you’re going to get until you arrive, or how well suited the therapist will be to your situation. But there are a few questions you can ask to make sure you’re going to get specialised treatment that’s right for you.

Ask to See a Therapist who Specialises in Your Condition/Injury

Different physios specialise in different areas of the body, different injuries and fields of study. Although physiotherapists receive rounded training and can treat a huge number of common maladies, it doesn’t hurt to ask at reception if there’s someone who specialises in your particular injury or condition. This just means they’ll have that extra edge (and all-important interest) when forming a treatment plan.

Look for Qualifications

Physiotherapy is important to get right. To make sure you’re getting quality, specialised treatment, check the clinic’s website to learn about the physiotherapy team and their qualifications and specialisations.

Variation and flexibility in treatment protocol.

There are many different services offered by physiotherapists. When you meet your therapist, they will talk with you, examine you, and work with you to decide which techniques would be best suited for you. But that shouldn’t stop you researching the different techniques available and talking about them with your physiotherapist. If there is something you think may help, or something you don’t want to try, speak up. Likewise, if an exercise seems too easy or too painful, tell them. Just remember that your physiotherapist is an expert, so don’t dismiss anything they say. Instead, try to create a dialogue to help you both work as a team. The more open the communication between patient and therapist, the faster the recovery.

Interpersonal skills

It is important that you feel comfortable with the Physiotherapist that is treating you. The Physiotherapist should clearly explain the diagnosis, proposed treatment and expected outcomes. Your health is very important and compromises should not be made. Years of experience doesn’t always mean that someone is an expert (whether that be in Physiotherapy or any other profession!) but experience of assessing and treating a multitude of conditions is always advantageous. Expert status is demonstrated in clinical ability, diagnostic skills and ultimately, patient outcomes. But is enhanced by any further education, research, lecturing or development that a physiotherapist undertakes.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions.

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