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Importance Of Physiotherapy for Post Covid Patient.

Physiotherapy plays crucial role in augmenting immunity, mental health during pandemic; aids treatment, recovery of COVID-19 patients

*Physiotherapy for critically ill COVID-19 cases*

Physiotherapy starts from the ICU in aiding the recovery of COVID-19 patients. The physiotherapist can facilitate the more energy-conserving techniques of breathing and mobilisation, which not only promote an enhancement in the oxygenation required for patients who have low oxygenation due to breathing problems, but also helps in boosting their immune system which will in turn help them fight against the disease, according to B2LCARE cardiothoracic Physiotherapy Team.

*Physiotherapy in post critical COVID-19 cases*:

According to leading physiotherapists, after COVID-19 patients are discharged from intensive care, there is de-conditioning. They can develop a post ICU syndrome which basically leads to weakness or wasting of muscles, along with emotional and mental symptoms. Physiotherapists are trained to develop the progressive exercise protocols for such patients to counter the weakness of muscles and optimise their functional outcomes. Moreover, physiotherapists can motivate such patients to create a sense of well-being in them.

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