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Home Modification:To Boost up Stroke patient safety

Updated: Mar 20, 2022

Home modification to boost safety for a stroke patient by B2LCARE.COM Neuro physiotherapy in kolkata

Home modifications for stroke patients can help ease the transition back to everyday life.

The purpose of home modifications for stroke patients is to make life after stroke as easy and safe as possible so that patients can regain their independence, and caregivers can safely assist them.

When you return home after stroke, your occupational therapist will send you home with ideas/strategies to modify your home for safety. Sometimes, they may even be able to come to your home and recommend ways to increase safety and prevent falls.

Home Modifications for Stroke Patients:

1.Rails/ Grab-bars:

Grab Bae for safety of a Stroke Patient by B2LCARE.COM An exclusive Neuro Physiotherapy Team

The purpose of rails and grab-bars is to help you stay balanced as you move from place to place.

You can install one by your toilet, in your shower, near your bed, near your seats, or by your stairs or and various turning area at your home.

Your physiotherapist can give you advice for best placement of the bars.

2.Shower Hoses

Shower hoses for facilitate stroke patient in bathroom_B2LCARE.COM best neuro physsiotherapy iun Kolkata
Shower Hoses

Shower hoses allow you to move the shower head around. This is very useful for those that have limited movement in hand and it is always better to sit while showering or bathing, and can also be helpful if a caregiver needs to assist you.

3. Rug Grippers

Rug Gripers for fall prevention by B2LCARE.COM A neuro physiotherapy team in kolkata
Rug Gripers

Make sure that there’s some sort of grip on the bottom of your rugs and bathmats to prevent sliding. This is especially important if you use a walker to help you walk, as rugs can sometimes get caught in the wheels.

You can buy non-slip adhesives or pads that attach to the bottom of your rug and keep it in place.

4.Raised Toilet Seats or Bedside toilet:


Raised toilet seats will make it easier to get on and off the toilet for stroke survivors who have weakness in their legs. You can even find some that come with armrests that will help you stay balanced.

Bedside commodes allow you to use the toilet without having to travel far into the bathroom, but they can also be placed over the toilet once you are more mobile. Your Physical Therapist should advise you on which type of toileting device (if any) is appropriate for you.

5. Clear Walkways


Clear frequented walkways of items that could potentially get in your way like furniture, toys, and cords.

Stroke survivors that use wheelchairs will need clear, spacious walkways while those that ambulate (walk) will want to reduce the risk of tripping.

Role of B2LCARE.COM Neurological Rehabilitation Team in Home Modification:

Rehabilitation Therapist plays a key role in identifying strategies that enable individuals to modify their home. In addition to individual performance abilities, B2LCARE.COM Rehabilitation team also evaluate the home environment to identify barriers to performance.

We also review aspects of the home that may required modification to facilitate performance and reducing the risk of falling.

For your home modification to reduce risk of falling of stroke patient you can assess your home by B2LCARE.COM Neuro Rehabilitation team.

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