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Role of Neuro Physiotherapy in Paralysis Rehabilitation

Updated: Mar 20, 2022

Neuro Physiotherapy led rehabilitation is a clinically and cost effective intervention for those patients whose life has been adversely changed by injury, illness or disease..

Aim of Neuro Physiotherapy rehabilitation to take the patient out of bed and make then functional independent by recovery or compensatory or adaptive method.

To achieve this Neuro Physiotherapy team of B2LCARE.COM always focus on changes to functional disability and lifestyle restrictions based on the patient’s own goals for functional improvement.

Along with traditional physiotherapy method like passive movement , stretching, mobilisation techniques we are are

focusing more on

1.Motor control Training

2.Fuctional oriented Approach.

3.Skill acquisition Training.

4.Specificity Sensory training.

5.Functional Strength Training.

6.Perceptual and Cognitive Training.

7.Computer aided ,Virtual aided and electromechanical training (Upcoming)

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